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Case Studies

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Case Studies
Department of Defence

Industry: State/National Government

Applications: Pinnacle Enterprise

The Department of defence chose to impletment the Pinnacle suite of software to manage their 415,000 live assets. This includes the management of technology assets including approximately 110,00 desktop workstations/PCs, 35,000 laptops and 8,500 servers. Since the integration of Pinnacle into the Department of Defence, the true benefits have been realised due to the ability to provide instant access to valuable data.


Industry: Facility, Engineering and Venue Managers

Applications: Pinnacle Enterprise

Managing more than 1,000 individual assets at any one time, Brookfield Multiplex recognises that the most efficient way to run a business is with the asset management capabilities that Pinnacle provides. Pinnacle has helped Brookfield Multiplex grow upwards and outwards. Facility management has always underpinned Brookfield Multiplex, and now that their business has diversified the need for Pinnacle software suite that helps us collect, organise and manage data has never been more apparent.