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Pinnacle Anywhere

Pinnacle Anywhere comes packaged within the Web Express application and provides a subset of functionality and an interface design specifically geared to small portable devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s. It requires no software to be loaded onto the device – access to the application is via a web browser.

Pinnacle Anywhere provides functionality for both Assets and Work Orders. The functions available are determined by the user’s access rights and the Web Express license.

When using Pinnacle Anywhere from a barcode scanning PDA, it is possible to scan barcodes into any field. This can facilitate tasks such as asset stocktake or searching for an asset and displaying the details. The scanning functionality may require a utility e.g. DataWedge (free) to be loaded to allow non-scanning aware applications (i.e. html forms) to receive barcode data.

Pinnacle Anywhere Mobile Web Application has truly brought new meaning to the word ‘efficiency’.

The Pinnacle Anywhere Application is designed to optimise user performance, availability and quality. Users now have the mobility to update all assets, perform maintenance by creating or updating work orders out on site, add attachments such as photo’s of damaged equipment, all at a live instance without the need to upload any data to their PC’s.

Real time updates to the Pinnacle database provide the ability to measure actual downtime of equipment and monitor KPI’s with more accurate data.

The Pinnacle Anywhere Application is compatible with an internet enabled mobile phone or PDA. Including iphone, Blackberry, Android and PDA.