Inventory Management Software
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Inventory Management Software

January 8, 2013

Manage and track all aspects of inventory assets, including maintenance, financial processing & stock control. Track stock allocations & movements.

Stock records can be created for all consumable stores. Stock is then available to the maintenance staff and attached to work orders.

A complete stock control ledger is fully integrated to the Work Order process for managing all parts supply, logistics and costing implications. The Stock Management System provides for:

  • Recording, control and reporting of all inventory items by category
  • Issue and purchase quantity management
  • Detailed and accurate forecasting of inventory requirements
  • Stock reorder level processing
  • Purchasing management
  • Multiple storage bins and multiple stock locations
  • Issue management
  • Inventory valuation Issue charging by cost centre using average costs
  • Barcode based stocktaking
  • Supply chain management software balancing the disparity between supply and demand by improving business processes
  • Supply chain management software helps control costs and inventory, cuts cycle times, improves forecasting and increases flexibility and responsiveness in areas such as planning and execution, stock & material order fulfillment, procurement, production scheduling, logistics, transportation management & warehousing

Costs of inventory used are added to overall maintenance costs for both equipment and property management under material charging.
Stock may be held on site or ordered from suppliers when needed, all under the one system.

Stock Reports

  • Stock Catalogue Report
    Inventory Report
    Restricted Stock Catalogue Report
    Reorder Report
    Stock Summary Report
    Write Offs/Transfer Report
    Economic Order Quantity Report
    Stock Issues Report
    Receivables Report
    Requisitions by Stock Item Report
    Outstanding Requisitions Report
    Dues in Report
    Dues Out Report
    Product Supplied Report
    Stock Locations Report
    Categories Report
    Cost Centres Report
    Issue/Order Units Report