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Maintenance Management
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Maintenance Management

December 6, 2012

Maintenance Management Software: The maintenance software encompasses Job Requests, Work Order Management and Planned Maintenance Templates. Templates can cover planned or preventive maintenance for either property locations or maintainable assets, and template frequencies can be user-defined. Work Orders can have an unlimited number of tasks, and labour and material requirements can be specified on a task by task basis. All transactions and costs are automatically “posted” against ledger codes, asset property locations and contracts so that the maintenance costs for any budget code, asset, property location or contract are always available and up to date.

The maintenance software management module enables a work order to be initiated from a number of different modules. A user can locate the asset by its barcode or asset number utilising the “Find Asset” feature, within the asset software module, and then click on the “Raise WO” button. This will automatically open a work order in the Work Order module and populate it with the asset data.

The Maintenance Module includes comprehensive reports covering both the current maintenance backlog and proposed maintenance. These reports allow budgets, materials and labour to be calculated for maintenance.

We also include a fully integrated Scheduling Module that allows currently backlogged work to be scheduled, based on the levels of available labour resources. Resource balancing can also be performed within the Scheduling Module.