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Property Management
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Property Management

November 30, 2012

Property locations can be flagged as assets within the Assets module so that the full financial and life cycle costing information can be recorded and calculated for the location. The software allows for a maximum depth of seven levels. Each level in the hierarchy can be user- defined, including the level’s name and required data format. Typical level definitions would be Site, Building, Floor, Room and Unit. A Browser displays the hierarchy in an easy to use graphic display. All property details are recorded in the Asset Software Register utilizing a number of critical standard data tables. This reduces data entry time while significantly increasing the accuracy and consistency of property information. In addition, all details of life cycle activities relating to property are provided in the system. Accountability can be managed down to staff levels if required, and all activities are fully auditable and secure.

The Property Management Software module gives you a fully documented history of each property including:

An unlimited number of user-defined attributes can also be specified (static & dynamic) for groups of property locations, allowing any additional information not already covered to be recorded and reported.