Asset Management and Asset Tracking Solutions

Real-time tracking of your important assets

Asset Management & Asset Tracking

Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Asset Management Software covering Administrative, Equipment, Property and Fleet assets.

Pinnacle Asset Management System allows you to record all relevant asset details in a powerful RDBMS and attach related documents, maps, plans, images, CAD drawings. Importantly it also allows you to monitor warranty, faults and repairs & services while producing comprehensive financial reporting with multiple depreciation books and methods of depreciation.

The system will automatically upload asset data from barcode based mobile devices covering initial input, relocation, condition assessment and stocktaking.

It makes financial adjustments, revaluations of assets and records individual issues and movements. It also clones asset details for efficient entry of similar asset types and maintains asset inventory. It can forecast replacements and manage substitutions, designate and maintain parent/child components and spare parts relationships. It will also process asset loans and hire, manage software assets and automate asset event notification.

asset management & tracking software

Last , but certainly not least, the Pinnacle Asset module maintains full purchase, disposal and trade-in details while linking assets to form functional units. The Assets Module is fully integrated with all Pinnacle modules.

This means that assets that will be regularly maintained with full maintenance and cost histories, along with the recording of estimated replacement dates and values will allow for life-cycle costing calculations. Performance measures – Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and downtime figures are also calculated, allowing poorly performing assets to be identified and targeted for further planned maintenance inspections. For other assets, the lifetime history of repairs can be tracked for comparison purposes.

Creating Assets – All asset details recorded refer to a number of user maintainable standard of data tables. This reduces data entry time while significantly increasing the accuracy and consistency of information. To minimise the effort required to enter new assets into the system, the software includes the ability to clone assets. This allows multiple assets to be created based on the details of the asset previosly entered into the database. This allows the user to select which of the information is to be copied and automatically displays a screen for entry of barcode and serial numbers.

Our CMMS incorporates monitoring of asset condition with bar coded stocktaking. Define and track the full history, including all movements, of unlimited components.

Android and iOS based mobile apps will allow on-site inspection of property and equipment to collect more detailed information. The information collected during a facility inspection is uploaded and the appropriate work orders can be generated, based on the specific conditions and other information gathered in the field. Record and track components by serial number, cost, date and other factors and a complete financial history of every asset is tracked – including revaluations.

Pinnacle includes a fully integrated barcode interface compatible with the latest barcode technology.

The Asset Tracking Software application allows users with any web enabled device to have the mobility to update all assets, perform maintenance by creating or updating work orders out on site, add attachments such as photo's of damaged equipment, all at a live instance without the need to upload any data to their PC's. Real time updates to the database provide the ability to measure actual downtime of equipment and monitor KPI's with more accurate data.

Bar-coding and Bar Code Functionality; RFID

Barcodes add real efficiency to many of the practical processes of asset management software. When a new asset is added to the Pinnacle records, a unique asset number is allocated. This number is automatically generated which can be produced for use as barcode labels.

An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into an asset for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. RFID tags are often an alternative to barcodes, having a number of important advantages over the older barcode technology. They may not ever completely replace barcodes, due in part to their higher cost and the advantage of multiple data sources on the same object.

asset management & tracking software
  • Record every type of asset from the smallest piece of equipment to the building where you work.
  • Record and track all components of any asset so that you always have the correct level of detail and accuracy right at your fingertips.
  • Record the custodians of all assets to delegate responsibility and know who is doing what.
  • Track repair histories to know which assets are costing your company hard won income.
  • Reduce the production halting and profit eroding downtime of your assets.
  • Decrease the number of lost assets.
  • Make strategically correct decisions based on up-to-date highly accurate information.
  • Be able to compute multiple depreciation calculations.
  • Give the right information to the right people with extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Run the asset register and maintenance management tasks across the internet.
  • Carry out comprehensive maintenance management for all type of assets wherever they may be, and maximise their life cycle usefulness.
Asset Management and Asset Tracking Module Functions
Browse asset records in tree view Logical hierarchy automatically displayed
Browse asset records in columns Columns can be sorted by a click of the mouse and can be filtered to include any matching set of records
Find asset record(s) in multiple ways Search by number, barcode number, attribute value or other criteria
Set access codes at the asset record Level Create sub organisation with main parent
Asset Types Defined by users Full control to define as per your business requirements
Asset Descriptions Defined by users Full control to define as per your business requirements
Asset Components Define and track the full history of unlimited component items of assets
Component identification Record and track components by serial number, cost, date and other factors
Component Reporting Optionally include full components in asset listings; report on components in full
Track and control assets by multiple independent dimensions Control by Cost Centre, Location, Custodian, Condition, Status, Supplier, Criticality, User defined status
Financial management of every individual asset Record all financial items including history of acquisition and ledger posting
Record and track financial adjustments Complete financial history of every asset is tracked – including revaluations
Record track and monitor leases of assets Operating and financial leases as lessee or lessor
Record and track warranty items Parts and labour separately. Include comments if desired
Depreciation based on different books of rules Every asset can have different rates. Normally based on asset type
Calculate retirement dates, WDVs On multiple books of rules
Attach free text comments to asset records
Add user defined information items to any asset Add attribute data to every asset type and populate records with current values. Create unlimited extra information storage as required
Sort, list and control attributes Pinnacle provides this function "out of the box"
Record Supplier information Details re manufacturer, distributor, contractor and preferred status. Link to every asset
Identify rotable assets Automatically list identical assets for use in emergency replacements
Identify Spares Record any specific spares linked to the assets
Link Work Order activity to assets Automatically display the schedule of planned work and the history of work orders, as well as the cost of all work, to the asset record
Link Work Order activity to assets Drill down to details of the work plans and history
Calculate reference data Automatically derive MTBF, MTTR from work history. Track reference details such as registrations and certificates
Link assets as part of functional Systems Define, monitor and control "Systems" for functional grouping of assets. Automatically track costs to systems as well as all other dimensions
Record documentary permits Attach any vital paperwork as part of the asset to increase control of work orders
Conduct regular assessments of condition Full recording and monitoring functions are included in Pinnacle for managing condition assessments
Attach files Attach documents, images, reports etc.
Create Parent/Child links between assets Linked to allow you to create linkage
Set up, monitor and control loans of assets, including charging fees Manage every aspect of this process easily

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