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Community Housing and SDA property maintenance software – CMMS

Community Housing Maintenance Management Software

Community Housing Maintenance Management Software – Simplify your maintenance and facility management with our intuitive system. Our comprehensive Community Housing Maintenance Management System enables you to handle work orders, preventive maintenance, and all assets within your housing complex efficiently.

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have become a standard practice in various industries for convenience and effectiveness. However, many community housing facilities have yet to transition to a digital platform. Embracing digital solutions with Pinnacle Software will streamline your operations and provide you with a tool to effectively maintain, record, and monitor your housing facilities. Enhance the safety and comfort of your residents with our CMMS. The perfect software partner for community housing management.

Managing community housing portfolios poses challenges. Handling various data streams conveying disparate narratives can consume time to interpret and manage effectively. Additionally, meeting compliance and auditing

standards add further pressure. Contact us today to discover more about our CMMS solution for Community Housing and Healthcare Facilities. Simplify maintenance planning, tracking, and optimisation. Community housing asset management software assists housing facilities in preventing downtime and equipment failures.

Community Housing Maintenance System Features

  • User-friendly and customisable
  • Prepare for safety and compliance audits
  • Minimise OH&S compliance risks
  • Swift and efficient completion of work orders
  • Enhanced operational productivity
  • Effective management of assets
  • Seamless scheduling of maintenance tasks
  • Mobile application for streamlined work order management, asset tracking, and task management
  • Instant notifications and alerts in real-time
  • Facilitate work requests and preventive maintenance tasks
  • Record and oversee staff qualifications
  • Access your data from any location, at any time
Asset management for community housing
Integrated Modular System for Tenants, Facility, and Property Managers

Community Housing Facility Management - Enhancing your community housing facility services. Benefit from our extensive expertise in facilities management for community housing.

CCMMS Community Housing

Work Request Management

Efficiently handle reactive work and adhere to service level standards. Simplify your help desk and work order management processes to enhance service levels, guarantee customer satisfaction, and reduce maintenance expenses.

Asset management for community housing

Work Order

Streamline your maintenance operations by efficiently planning, scheduling, and assigning work orders using our advanced work order system. Enhance efficiency, productivity, and gain real-time visibility into your maintenance activities.
Empower your team to accomplish more.

CMMS Community Housing

Audit & Inspection Management

Our audit and inspection system offers robust questionnaire capabilities, including comment addition, picture uploads, and full mobile functionality. By utilising this system, you can identify and resolve issues proactively, mitigating risks, enhancing quality, and ensuring compliance.

Asset management for community housing

Contractor Management

Experience unparalleled functionality with our contractor management system, designed to efficiently handle contractors and their qualifications, inductions, and insurance. Simplify the management process and alleviate the burden of tracking contractor information with our intuitive system.

CMMS Community Housing

Incident Management

Our Pinnacle Incident module provides an online platform for effortlessly capturing and monitoring incidents, injuries, near misses, and hazards. Featuring automated workflows and a user-friendly interface, our fully hosted incident management software assists in overseeing the complete incident lifecycle. From initial reporting to compliance, our system simplifies meeting all your incident management requirements.

Asset management for community housing

Automated workflows

Unlock efficiency with our CMMS automated workflows. Streamline maintenance tasks, reduce errors, and ensure timely completion. Customizable to fit your needs, boost productivity effortlessly.

CMMS Community Housing

Life Cycle Planning

Enhance asset management throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal, optimising performance and cutting costs. Gain detailed insights into replacement cycles for effective budgeting and planning of maintenance and replacements.

Asset management for community housing

Visitor Register

Streamline visitor tracking with our Visitor Management module, simplifying the oversight of visitors, contractors, and employees. Ensure compliance with safety and emergency management obligations effortlessly. Regain control over your visitor management processes and guarantee compliance with ease.

CMMS Community Housing

Reporting and Analytics

Access comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to measure key metrics and achieve management objectives effectively. Present reports in easy-to-read graphs or export them as PDFs, Excel, or CSV files. Gain real-time insights into maintenance operations to make informed decisions and drive efficiency.

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