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Enterprise Asset Management Software

Trusted by Facilities Companies and Managers since 1984. A leading CMMS for Asset and Maintenance Management

Asset Maintenance and Asset Tracking Simplified

All the features you need are included. Improve asset performance.

asset management software

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Assets Management Software

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CMMS Software, Asset Management Software

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cmms, Assets Management Software

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Our Solutions

CMMS – Asset management and maintenance software to manage assets more efficiently. Designed for easier maintenance, work orders and schedule maintenance.

Our Clients

A CMMS suitable for any facility – large or small. From aged care, facilities companies, convention centres, hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing plants, mining, stadiums, to government facilities. All-in-one Solution for Maintenance Management.

CMMS Software
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asset Management software

End-to-end Asset Management Solutions

Improving the way organisations of all types and sizes manage their maintenance operations.

Property Management

Property and Work order management provides many features and tools that allow you to go beyond just managing work. It enables you to take control and constantly make improvements, driving you one step closer to your maintenance goals.

Asset Management

Track, Manage and improve assets. Comprehensive CMMS asset management functionality, you can seamlessly track and report on all of your most critical assets. All classes of assets equipment, buildings or vehicles – asset management software will help you to extend asset life and maximise your return on assets

Preventive Maintenance

Efficiently plan, schedule and assign work orders for better control over maintenance processes. By using Pinnacle the planning and scheduling tools your organization will see improved efficiency, reductions in backlog and overtime. With the ability to assign work and view all work on a calendar communication will be greatly improved.

Safety and Compliance Management

End-to-end compliance and safety management. Manage contractors and ensure workplace compliance 24/7. Efficiently onboard and manage your contractors compliance. Ditch your manual spreadsheets and access contractor compliance, insurances and inductions instantly from any device, anywhere at any time.

Built for any business. Manage and Track your Assets

Not your average solution, one system does it all

CMMS that works for you

Property Management Software, Asset Management and Tracking Software for your data-driven operations. Get a complete view of your Asset and Maintenance Management.

CMMS Implementation

Specialist CMMS Implementation team. We work closely with your project team to identify key CMMS goals and facilitates the collection and measurement of data points that are outlined. We work with key stakeholders and involve them in advance for successful roll out. Post implementation we provide ongoing support, Audit to ensure that CMMS function correctly.


CMMS suite has a huge range on configuration that can be done to the application to best suite your individual organisation. Let our team establish how best our CMMS can be configured for your organisation, then let us do the configuration for you. Implement and configure Powerful & Easy to use CMMS tool to monitor anything & everything maintenance related.

Database Conversion

Migrate data from other asset management system to our CMMS. Our CMMS suite can support all the major database management systems. If you are moving from one platform to another, for consistency, or just for increased capacity and security then we can convert your existing database into the newly desired format and ensure that you continue to receive the flawless reliability of modern asset management system.


If you have a great idea for extra functionality that our CMMS does not currently have or you want to tweak the way it currently operates, then our highly skilled team of developers can make almost anything happen, from integration with existing systems to entirely new functionality. Talk to use we are happy to add any custome development including converting your hard copy forms to app based forms.

Process Improvement

Looking to improve your current business processes and develop a system to support it. Talk to us today. Pinnacle knows asset, facilities, leases better than any other company – Its what we have been doing for over many years. We can spend time with you and review your existing business processes and design a more efficient way to do these. This usually results in a long term cost saving and in immediate time saving.


If you have just purchased our asset management system (onsite install or cloud) or are already using it, then we can customise training sessions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Our team can visit your office and train as many or little staff as you want.

CMMS - eAM Software

Pinnacle Software – Enterprise Asset Management Software serving and managing many customer's business critical assets since 1984. The company is a developer of leading edge CMMS (asset and maintenance system) to simplify maintenance management and drive productivity.

We are a totally Australian owned company with office in Brisbane. Talk to us today to simplify property maintenance management. Our experienced consultants will assist with implementation and customization. Talk to a CMMS expert today or take Pinnacle for a test drive

An easy to use and intuitive user interface that is ideal for the everyday Asset manager. Maintenance and asset management software that organises, tracks and schedules your maintenance activities.

Are you looking a CMMS reduced Equipment Downtime and a significant reduction in your Maintenance Costs? Talk to us TODAY.

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