What is a computerised maintenance management system?

A computerised maintenance management system (or CMMS) is software that helps managers and maintenance teams to keep a record of all assets streamline maintenance operations.

A CMMS offers multiple core maintenance functionalities. CMMSs are used by a variety of industries from manufacturing to facilities, utilities, fleet, hospitals, schools, sports stadiums and more where any type of equipment/assets are subject to repair and need maintenance.

What does Pinnacle's Computerised Maintenance Management System include?

The system includes modules for:
  • Managing asset details and recording asset history
  • Preventative maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Work requests and reactive maintenance
  • Management of spares
  • Supplier and contract management
  • Insurance and warranty expiry management
  • Audit and compliance management
CMMS Software

Where do you install a CMMS?

We offer two options for our CMMS software:

On-Premises Solutions

With this traditional model, you license the CMMS software and run it on your own servers. When considering this CMMS model, be sure to account for the capital and operating expenses associated with deployment, operations, support, maintenance, and upgrades of this type of CMMS software.

Cloud-based Solutions

When the CMMS runs online via internet browser, it is called Cloud-based CMMS Software.
Just like Google, Amazon, and online banking, cloud-based CMMS software are built for the Internet age. Also known as "software as a service" (SaaS), these applications offer direct, always-on access to the solution, typically paid for on a per-user/per-month subscription basis.

Cloud CMMS

Advantages of a cloud-based CMMS Systems:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Simpler implementation
  • Access Anywhere
  • Automatic software updates
Cloud CMMS

Pinnacle's CMMS Maintenance Software will help you to:

  • Automated scheduled maintenance
  • Reduce equipment downtime and repair costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Better accountability
  • Improve health and safety compliance
  • Quick reporting and analysis
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Eliminate paperwork
CMMS Software

Pinnacle's CMMS software makes it easy to manage work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, assets, stocktake, fleet, inventory management and more. For more details and to implement CMMS for your business or orgnisation contact us.

Our Clients

A CMMS suitable for any facility – large or small. From aged care, facilities companies, convention Centre, hospitals, resturants, manufacturing plants, mining, stadiums, to government facilities. All-in-one Solution for Maintenance Management.