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About Us

Comprehensive Asset Management System

Easy to use – Most advanced asset and maintenance management system. Australian own and developed.


Pinnacle Software, was born in Canberra in 1984. Pinnacle asset management software is a leading edge software product for use in Asset and Maintenance Management. Our software products have been developed in Australia as specialist tools for the management of operational assets of medium to large organisations.

We are a totally Australian owned company with office based in Brisbane. The company has a professional team of experienced consultants and software developers to provide assistance with implementation, customisation and development.

Pinnacle software is providing specialised systems and support services to a wide range of organisations in the public, private and corporate sectors. Pinnacle business provides an end-to-end range of products and services to its customers when they adopt Pinnacle as their solution provider.

Pinnacle software has established a number of partnership arrangements with Australian and international companies to provide additional value added services to its clients in Australia and South East Asia. Pinnacle software works closely with specialist asset management consultants and maintenance outsourcing organisations to ensure its clients achieve the best possible outcome every time.

Pinnacle software products are not restricted to a specific class of assets or industry or method of maintenance management. Pinnacle software also integrates with virtually any Financial Management Information System to provide seamless interchange of information among users. In this way the specialised needs of the Asset and Maintenance personnel in even the largest organisations can be met, and their communication with the accounting and management teams is simple, powerful and accurate.


1. Who We Are?

Pinnacle Software is Australia’s leading Asset Management and Maintenance Management software used by Australian and overseas clients since 1984.

2. What We do

Pinnacle software is a leading asset management system (CMMS). Pinnacle Software is a developer of leading edge software products for use in Asset and Maintenance Management. These products have been developed in Australia as specialist tools for the management of operational assets of large organisations.