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Work Request Management System

Built to supercharge your help desk and maintenance teams

Help Desk & Reactive Maintenance

Proactively manage reactive work and meet service level standards. Streamline your Help desk and work order management to improve service levels, ensure customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs. Manage work requests from Customers or employees through to resolution and time recording. Our Work Request (Help Desk) and Reactive Maintenance Solution is a game changer in turning your teams to delivering awesome customer service. It provides great visibility and central control in dealing with maintenance and other issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime. The software allows to rapidly captures reactive maintenance requests, prioritises tasks and identifies unresolved calls to enable rapid job resolution. Fully integrated SMS gateway to notify Contractors about emergency jobs. Real time notification via email and SMS to maintenance team with ongoing email notification to the person who has raised the job. Accountability can be managed down to staff levels if required, and all activities are fully auditable and secure.

The maintenance software management module enables a work order to be initiated from a number of different modules. A user can locate the asset by its barcode or asset number utilising the “Find Asset” feature, within the asset software module, and then click on the “Raise WO” button. This will automatically open a work order in the Work Order module and populate it with the asset data. Give anyone the ability to submit work requests to improve corrective maintenance and response times.

Work Request & Reactive Maintenance Software module gives you a fully documented history of each job request including:

Asset Management Software

Keep customers happy and your team on top of things with the right data at the right time. Get your help desk up and running quickly with the hassle-free cloud based solution. Call us today to organise a demo. Optimise your maintenance today.

Easy Work Request System for tenants, facility and property managers to use

Work Request – Help Desk Simplified. The help desk can be customised to your needs with custom fields, priorities, and workflows.

Get the right information

The details of the request form can be easily configured with required fields specific to the type of Work Request. The location and asset can be identified and photographs can be attached. Create your own statuses and priorities to reflect the needs of your help desk activities.

Take your help desk on the go

Asset Easy platform enables Work Requests to be created on any device and is designed for people who are not regular system users. The requester can review the progress of their requests or be kept informed via automatic emails

Provide better responses

Reduce the dependency on manual involvement. Asset Easy automatically perform an action on a Work Request when certain conditions are met. Define alerts and workflow based on locations, job types and priorities etc.

Increase Efficiency

Work Requests software can help automate most support tasks. Your team can dedicate all of its efforts towards tackling support and maintenance issues instead of figuring out paperwork and maintenance. Real-time communications back to requester.

Collect Feedback

Improve customer experience by regularly taking customer feedback. You can get insight into what matters most – from seeing the performance of your team, to how satisfied your customers are.

Reporting and Analytics

Measure key metrics with the aid of visual pie-chart representations and export reports in MS Excel, for further editing and analysis. Reporting functionality you need to meet management objectives.

Our Clients

A CMMS suitable for any facility – large or small. From aged care, facilities companies, convention Centre, hospitals, resturants, manufacturing plants, mining, stadiums, to government facilities. All-in-one Solution for Maintenance Management.