Healthcare – Hospital Building Maintenance Software

CMMS Software for Facility Maintenance & Asset Management. Medical facilities constantly need to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Our CMMS healthcare software allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to take complete control over all of their maintenance management-related tasks, keep track of past work and improve communication between the maintenance team and other departments.

Easy to use CMMS for Healthcare maintenance teams to prevent equipment failures, reduce costly downtime. Track and maintain your assets with Asset Easy CMMS. Keep a constant watch on your assets condition and performance and manage their entire lifecycle.

Facility & Asset Management - healthcare CMMS Software

  • Asset Lifecycle: Manage the full lifecycle of physical assets
  • Organise and view assets and facilities in an intuitive hierarchy and easy to use CMMS
  • Work Order Lifecycle: Manage and control maintenance activities, workflow, and cost of service
  • Preventive Maintenance: run your operations more effectively, with fewer unexpected breakdowns because the equipment is well- maintained
  • Parts and Inventory Management: manage inventory across various plants and locations
  • Centralised Work Request Portal & Automated Workflow
  • Compliance Management: Better compliance management
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  • Modular CMMS - equipped with all the modules and features required by facilities and maintenance managers of hospitals and heathcare facilities
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS
  • Add on Modules such as Key register, Induction managemet, Leasing, Document management and many more
  • Cloud based or on Premise options
  • Local support based in Australia
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