Lease Management Software

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Lease Management Software

Pinnacle Lease Management Software has been designed to provide clients with a comprehensive tool to manage their property & real estate portfolios. The module has been developed over time using the client's feedback and Property Leasing Companies input. 

Cloud-based Lease Management System – A key factor to the design was to ensure this module integrated with the existing Asset Management system, sharing the data already stored in the database for existing clients and provide an organized modular approach for new clients to setup the necessary table data. As a result the Property Leasing Module integrates with the Property, Asset and Budget Modules.

Never miss a key date, action item or lease event.  Rely on Asset Easy to help you manage your organization's leases and assets.  Looking for a more efficient way to plan, manage and optimize your lease portfolio? Contact us.

The Property Management Software module gives you a fully documented history of each property including:

  • Manage multiple leases
  • Manage rentable areas
  • General expense forecasting
  • Schedule of monthly payments
  • Attach and manage documents
  • Diary of lease key dates
  • Include or ignore inactive leases
  • Percentage of revenue rent calculation
  • Forecasting of revenue rent calculation
  • Multiple sites for the same lease
  • Rent review
  • Secure access
property, lease management software
Lease Management System

In addition to this detail about the lease, further information can be recorded and reported on. This includes

  • Charges such as cleaning, water and air-conditioning
  • The schedule for these charges
  • Record transactions attached to the lease
  • Record contact details
  • Display a diary of key events associated with the lease
  • Record attachments such as floor plans, lease documents and images
  • Record insurance details
  • Record any correspondence
  • Record bond details such as the amount, deposit date and who is holding the funds
Lease Management System

Pinnacle Lease Management Software is a cloud-based software designed to simplify the management of your organisation's lease portfolio. Never miss a critical event with automated notifications, including start and end dates, break clauses, rent reviews, site visits etc. Lease Administration made easy – both as a Lessor and Lessee. Pinnacle Lease Management easily caters for this variation, allowing both landlord and tenant leases to recorded in the database by defining the type of lease. In order to manage a portfolio successfully there are several other key pieces of information associated with the lease regardless of whether it is a landlord or tenant lease which must be recorded.

These include:

  • Lease id or name
  • Lessor
  • Lessee
  • Payee
  • Start date and end date
  • Person responsible for the lease
  • Rent commencement date
  • Term of lease
  • Date lease was signed
  • Date rent is commenced
  • Termination date
  • Frequency of charging
  • Timing of payment
  • Lead time for charging
  • Previous years total
  • Last invoice date
  • Next invoice date
  • Account codes to record costs
  • Previous rent review date
  • Next rent review date
  • Next option review date
  • Cpi increase
  • Last cpi increase
  • Market increase

Pinnacle lease administration platform allows you to track, monitor and control lease documents, bonds, licenses, insurances, critical dates, financial components and other essential information. Contact us today on 07 3272 7155 for all your lease management software related inquiry. Our software is comprehensive and easy to use lease administration system. Property and commercial lease specialist.

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