Pre Start Checklist

Pre Start Checklist – conduct, organise and track your pre starts with ease. Save time and build bulletproof pre start records automatically. Use mobile app checklist to submit your findings in real-time, directly from the app to a central database to ensure repairs are carried out promptly. We can create custom pre-start checklist for any plant, equipment, truck, any vehicle you may have on your work site.

Mobile App and Cloud Based Software – Vehicle Pre Start Checklist

Pinnacle Pre Start IM - Inspect and Manage

Minimise risks, improve safety and maximise the life of your equipment, fleet, trucks through regular pre start and maintenance checks

equipment pre start checklist

All kinds of equipment

Use the Pre Start App to receive Electronic Pre Start and Fault Reports in realtime – no more missed, lost or waiting for paperwork. Convert Faults directly into Work requests and Workorders to streamline maintenance management.

pre start checklist

Mobile App

Easy to use mobile app for Android and iOS with barcode and RFID scanning. App and work offline, even without an Internet connection. Pre start checklist app for any size business.

cloud based pre start checklist

Cloud Based

Track Assets with ease. Gain Asset Visibility and Control. Pre Start Checks, Maintenance & Compliance is now easier than ever. Plan recurring inspections, calibrations and maintenance both preventive and reactive.

Powerful Pre Start Checks and Operational Safety

  • No more lost, late or missing checklists
  • Reduction in time taken to complete checklists
  • Prevent issues before they arise
  • Equipment, fleet, trucks, forklifts and many more pre start checklists
  • Assists in the identification of any faults with your vehicle before starting vehicle operations
  • Fill out your pre starts from anywhere, using any device
  • Capture all types of data including alpha numeric, photos, digital signatures, and more
  • Latitude/longitude coordinates and timestamps to identify where and when data was collected
  • Automated emails alert to stakeholders
  • Keep all of your records and proof in one place
  • No expensive scanners
  • Suitable for any industry – Earthmoving, mining, transport, road side response companies, health care, aged care and many more.
Pre Start Checklist
Use Digital Systems for Efficiency and Reliability

Say goodbye to paper based forms

Pinnacle Pre Start IM - Inspect and Manage

Convert your current PDF, excel or paper-based pre start into a smarter digital format. Create a corrective action on the spot for an issue that needs resolving. Share reports immediately. Combined with the web cloud platform, Asset easy provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across your organisation. Don't risk lives or your accreditation impement Pre start checklist system today. Contact us to trial our vehicle (Trucks, Cars, Forklifts) and equipment checklist inspections solutions using smartphone or tablet today. Pinnacle Pre Start Assesor software simplifies every facet of machinery compliance and management.

equipment pre start checklist

Equipment Pre Start

vehicle pre start checklist

Vehicle Pre Start

Forklift pre start checklist

Forklift Pre Start

Insurance warranty pre start checklist

Electronic Signature


Convert to Request & Work Order

Barcode pre start checklist

Barcode & QR CODE

Pre start checklists specialist – Protect your workforce

SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Pinnacle Software is a company devoted to simplifying the pre start checklist for any business with software and apps that automate many processes for the field worker. To learn more about the benefits and uses of pre start checklists or to develop your own custom template get in touch with us.

Easy to Use and Steps:

Scan Code

Simply scan the barcode and confit the asset's details

Prestarts checklist
Perform Pre Start

Conduct the Pre Start running through all the checklist

Forklift Pre start
Capture in App

All findings, images and faults to complete pre start and generate work requests

Ready to say goodbye to paper based forms and digitise your team?

Let's get started.

Keep all of your records and proof in one place.

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