Benefits of Pre-Start Checklists

Benefits of Pre-Start Checklists

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Pre-start checklists are routine inspections conducted by the equipment operator to identify issues. Using the standardised pre-start checklist forms employees can identify small problems before they become big ones. Without knowing that equipment is in good condition workers run the risk of serious injury every time they use it.

Because of the large variety of fixed and movable equipment used in industrial settings, pre-start checklists are tailored to each piece of equipment. However, the goal is to ensure that the equipment is in good operating condition.

What is a pre-start checklist?

The external and interior condition of a vehicle or piece of equipment, as well as operational features such as mechanical and electrical systems, fluid levels, and safety devices such as alarms, fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits, are usually covered by a pre-start checklist. A pre-start checklist examination is used to discover flaws and safety issues before operation.

What are the benefits of a pre-start checklist?

Pre-start checklists, whether for a light vehicle, a heavy vehicle, mobile plant, or equipment, are a critical activity with financial and, more significantly, safety repercussions. A thorough pre-start inspection might be the difference between life and death.

Safety benefits of pre-start checklists

The primary purpose of pre-start checks is to keep people safe. Regular pre-start inspections are the cornerstone of a maintenance program and workplace safety since industrial equipment has the potential to cause significant harm if it is not maintained properly. A thorough equipment pre-start checklist ensures that all of these areas are checked before the start of the project.

Any concerns discovered during pre-start inspections must be notified to the appropriate authority within the organisation (fleet manager, supervisor, etc.) so that they can be properly addressed. With Pinnacle Asset Easy Pre-Start checks system, all issues identified will be converted into work requests to organise repairs.

Financial benefits of pre-start checklists

While the primary goal of a pre-start check is to ensure safety, there are also financial benefits to doing so on a frequent basis.

Inspections of equipment on a regular basis will allow small problems to be identified before they become severe ones. For example, if a small chip in a car windshield is discovered, it can be repaired very cheaply; however, if the defect is not discovered and the vehicle is driven, the small chip can quickly turn into a major break, necessitating the replacement of the entire windshield. With more expensive parts and organisations that maintain big fleets of cars, mobile plants, or equipment, this effect is compounded.

As an extreme but not unusual example, overlooked small flaws can escalate into significant problems that render equipment unusable and necessitate its entire replacement. This can result in significant outlays. All of these concerns are compounded in remote regions. Repairs are more expensive, and upkeep and the delivery of new components take longer. This can be avoided by following a pre-start checklist regularly.

In a Nutshell

Pre-start checklist inspections for industrial equipment, such as a forklift are critical; they serve as the foundation for equipment maintenance programs as well as a company's or site's safety program. As we've already said, a pre-start checklist is good for both safety and compliance because it helps find problems before they get worse and cost more, and it also cuts down on downtime.

Pinnacle Asset Easy Pre-Start Checklist help ensure that your vehicles and equipment are safe to use.

From submitted Pre-Start create Maintenance Requests or Work to allow the maintenance team to rectify any issues.

Pre-starts digital form is so simple to use, resulting in fast completion and accurate issue identification.

Easy to Use and Steps:

Scan Code

Simply scan the barcode and confit the asset's details

Prestarts checklist
Perform Pre Start

Conduct the Pre Start running through all the checklist

Forklift Pre start
Capture in App

All findings, images and faults to complete pre start and generate work requests

Suitable for any industry – Earth mowing, Mining, Transport, Road Side response companies, Health Care, Aged Care and many more.

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