Forklift Pre Start

Effortlessly manage and monitor forklift pre starts with our checklist system. Streamline the process and create robust pre start records automatically, saving time. Utilise the mobile app checklist to instantly submit your pre start checklists in real-time, ensuring prompt repairs through direct integration with a central database.

Forklift Pre Start Checklist features

Pinnacle Pre Start IM - Inspect and Manage

The primary purpose of this pre-start checklist is to detect faults and potential safety hazards prior to operation. The main objective of conducting a pre-start checklist inspection is to verify the safety of your equipment before use.

Pinnacles' Forklift Pre-Start Checklist reduces risks, enhances safety, and extends the lifespan of your equipment by promoting routine pre-start and maintenance inspections.

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Faults Management

Enjoy an intuitive user interface for real-time Pre-Start and Fault Reports. Seamlessly transform identified faults into work requests and work orders, streamlining your maintenance management process.

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Mobile App

A user-friendly mobile app available for both Android and iOS. Say goodbye to paper forms and reports. With Pinnacle Pre-Start Checklist, you can efficiently work offline and effortlessly record every detail.


Cloud Based

Streamline Pre Start Checks, Maintenance, and Compliance. Plan recurring inspections, calibrations, and maintenance, then instantly generate reports and notify the right people.

No more lost, late or missing checklists

Pinnacle Pre Start IM - Inspect and Manage

Operators are required to perform this daily forklift pre start inspection checklist before utilising the forklift, as a standard practice in compliance with workplace health and safety regulations. The checklist serves to evaluate the forklift's general condition and confirm its safe operational status. A pre-shift inspection can identify maintenance problems before they cause an accident.

Some of the critical forklift inspections for safe operations include:

Examine the floor for any fluid presence, which could indicate potential hose cracks.

  • Verify fluid levels, including oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, and battery water if applicable.
  • Assess tire condition for balding spots, cracks, cuts, or gouges that require attention.
  • Inspect fork condition, focusing on the top clip retaining pin and heel.
  • Ensure the backrest extension is functioning correctly.
  • Verify the presence and legibility of all warning decals and plates.
  • Confirm the availability and legibility of the operational manual within the forklift.
  • Make certain that the operator's area is free of debris that could impede operations.
  • Check the functionality of all safety equipment, including seat belts, backup alarms, and horns.

Go Digital with Pinnacle

Pinnacle Pre Start IM - Inspect and Manage

Transform your existing PDFs, Excel sheets, or paper-based pre start checklists into an intelligent digital format. Generate corrective actions instantly when issues arise and share reports immediately. Integrated with our web cloud platform, Asset Easy offers transparency and valuable insights to elevate safety and quality standards throughout your organisation. Don't compromise safety or accreditation—implement the Pre Start Checklist system today. Reach out to us for a trial of our smartphone or tablet-based vehicle (Trucks, Cars, Forklifts) and equipment checklist inspection solutions. Pinnacle's Pre Start Assessor software simplifies every aspect of machinery compliance and management.

Forklift pre start checklist

Forklift Pre Start


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What sets Pinnacle Forklift Pre-Start Checklist apart?

A comprehensive pre start system that allows you to effortlessly generate forklift pre-start checklist templates tailored to your needs, capturing both faults and readings. Seamlessly create work requests from the faults pinpointed during the forklift pre-start checklist. Eliminate the hassles of misplaced, delayed, or absent checklists. You can automate email notifications to inform stakeholders and maintain all your records within a centralised system.

Easy to Use and Steps:

Scan Code

Simply scan the barcode and confit the asset's details

Prestarts checklist
Perform Pre Start

Conduct the Pre Start running through all the checklist

Forklift Pre start
Capture in App

All findings, images and faults to complete pre start and generate work requests

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